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Hurrah, Yuletide reveals have happened and now I can do a (rather short) 2011 Masterlist. First off, however, my thanks to [ profile] fabrisse for The Hush of Society (Swan Lake) and to [ profile] highfantastical for My Heart is Like an Apple Tree (Drina series). They were both quiet and thoughtful and lovely and I am very grateful, especially as I know this went out as a fairly late pinch hit.

This has been a fairly light year for me as far as fic writing goes, but I can honestly say that I like everything I've written this year. Most of my fic has been Merlin AUs, with a couple of XM:FC pieces and the usual fun scatter from mixed fests and challenges. I'm linking the AO3 versions, just because I'm lazy and like the share button. Yuletide fics are down the bottom :)

In order of writing... )
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I've been very lucky this Yuletide! I got two stories this year, which were very, very different from each other and both very good.

The Hush of Society (1980 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Lebedínoye Ózero | Swan Lake
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: OMC/OFC, Odette & Odile

A poor woman is given the opportunity for security by ruining the life of another whom she resembles.

This is a retelling of Swan Lake set in nineteenth century Russia and is absolutely gorgeous. It's packed with telling period detail and the narrative keeps twisting around to reveal new twists and layers of appearances.

My Heart Is Like An Apple Tree (1611 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Drina Series - Jean Estoril
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Rose Conway

Rose gets her little flat. Several months later, a birthday.

I've been asking hopefully for Drina fic for years and this was everything I'd been hoping for. It's Rose, after the end of the books, finally finding her own happiness and place in the world and it's just warm and happy-making. The authorial voice and tone of this are spot on and lots of characters make fleeting appearances. It really feels like something Jean Estoril/Mabel Esther Allan could have written.

I only wrote two stories myself this year and have happy comments from both recipients. Good Yuletide all round!
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First off, write something you'll enjoy. It's exciting just to have someone who loves the same crazy little fandoms as me, and I want you to have as much fun with it as possible. I'm not going to lay down some crazily precise requests, because I know how much that would throw me off, but I will tell you what I like about the fandoms I chose and hopefully that will give you some ideas.

The season to be jolly: Drina, Chrestomanci, The Silver Branch, Swan Lake )
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First of all, my thanks to AlexElizabeth for A Conversation in Hollywood, to [ profile] tagalongcookies for postmarked (a study in contrasts, to [ profile] bookchan for Different Dreams and to [ profile] katayla for Wintle's Wonders All Grown Up. So much love for this fandom this year, and all of these stories explore the girls' future in brilliant and satisfying ways. Thank you, wonderful writers all :)

Now, for what I wrote: Chrestomanci (of course ~_^); Gearworld; Earthsea; Invisible Cities )
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Oooh, it's [ profile] yuletide time again. Christmas must be coming ^__^

The season to be jolly... )

On a completely unrelated note, I'm appealing to the wisdom of my flist. My little sister has just announced she's pregnant, and she's miserable and puking at the moment. I want to get her something for Christmas which is all for her and will make her feel pampered, as I think she'll be drowning in baby fever otherwise (it'll be the first baby in a new generation, and our grandparents are already besotted even though it's not even a bump yet). Does anyone have any suggestions? The closest I've ever been to pregnant is covering a Year 4 class, and even they were too little and freaky for me (why do they lick table legs? Why glue their worksheets to their foreheads? What's the appeal of sticking pencils up your nose? Give me stinky teenagers any day. At least I can mock them without making them cry).


Jan. 1st, 2010 08:42 pm
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I wrote four fics this year, of varying lengths. I cut back a little on previous years, as I was getting a little over-obsessive. I'm still reading as well, rather than trying to make my brain explode from devouring the entire archive before reveals. I'm going to post a proper discussion post on the Secret Garden one, but I'm going to hang on for the [ profile] camelotsolstice reveal, as some of the things I want to talk about, issues of genre and writing about history and missing perspectives and the difference between stories about pairings and gen stories with pairings in, are relevant to more than one of the big stories I've written this season.

Yuletide )


Dec. 25th, 2009 08:32 am
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Awoke after slightly less than four hours of sleep to find the Archive open. I have two stories, both for Catherine Christian's The Sword and the Flame / Pendragon. I really thought that this was the little fandom that would defeat even Yuletide. As I said back in November, I was regarding the nomination as a chance to spread some love for a very good book. Whoever wrote this story has gone out and written for something they didn't offer *loves*

Yuletide Author, you are amazing. You went above and beyond the confines of Yuletide. Whether you knew the book already or read it for the first time to write these, you are brilliant. I'm already wildly excited about the stories and I haven't even read them yet. I'll leave you a proper, coherent comment later when I've got through the first bit of the day and woken up enough to read and comment thoughtfully, but know you've already made this a very good Christmas.

And for the odd Catherine Christian fan on my flist, they're here:

Three Things Worth Holding, three vignettes, two slash, one femslash.

Calling the King, Gen, Ygern-centric.


Merry Christmas all.
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Holy fuck, that was tight *just posted her Yuletide story with 5 minutes to spare*

So, I went to stay with my sister this weekend, thinking, hey, we'll drive back on Monday, I'll have all of Monday evening to finish it off and post it. Tight, but not quite a crisis. Except it took us 9 and a quarter hours to drive from Huntingdon to Guildford (just under 100 miles). Why? Because the UK is allergic to snow.

We got to my parents just after 11, where my mum kindly announced that she was putting us all up for the night and I went, "But, but, but, Yuletide!" because the story was on my laptop in my flat the next town over and I don't drive.

Luckily, I had a print out of the whole thing that I'd been handwriting the final scenes on, so my dad, who is a hero, lent me his laptop and scanned the first fifteen pages for me. I've spent the last three hours editing out scanner burps and adding a really flabby final scene, but it was done on time. I did not default.

(Not that I'm happy with the story, but I'm never happy with things written to a deadline and sometimes you get to a point where you just have to stop. I'd have needed twenty years to tell that story well enough to satisfy myself).

And, hey, no more imminent deadlines. I can watch Merlin tomorrow ^_^
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Firstly, thank you for offering to write in one of my tiny fandoms :) Secondly, please enjoy yourself. This is supposed to be fun. Write whatever you fancy about these characters and I'll enjoy it ^_^

My fandoms: The Sword and the Flame, Howls Moving Castle, Drina, Much Ado About Nothing )
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So, I may have gone a little bit crazy with Yuletide this year. It was pretty much my only fannish activity of 2008, so I decided to throw myself into it whole-heartedly (2009 will probably follow the same model because it worked well this year). I wrote ten pieces in all, listed under the cut by fandom. I loved writing every single one of these, despite the fact they are all very different in terms of style, setting and plot.

Chrestomanci, Damar, Eddings, Fairytales, Forster, Legal Drug and Merlin )

And, finally, a proper thank you to [ profile] escalove for my gift, The Problem With Being An Older Brother :)
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Hmm. I seem to have commented on 7.6% of the archive. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface - people, go forth and comment! There's a lot of good stories in there which are low on comments, including some of those below, even though some of them aren't in super-obscure fandoms. Be brave, good readers! There's treasure in them there hills!

Recs in fandoms M-A, in reverse alphabetical order. 31 Recs in 20 fandoms.

Greek Mythology, Merlin, The Mariners Revenge Song, Eight Cousins, Lorna Hill, Homer, Georgette Heyer, Abhorsen, Fairytales, Malory Towers, Vicky Bliss, Diana Wynne Jones, Honor Harrington, David Eddings, Chaucer, Laputa, Arthurian Legend, Swallows and Amazons, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh )
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First off, I got Archer's Goon fic - The Problem With Being An Older Brother. I was really chuffed with this as the inclusion of this fandom was a very last minute thing because I happened to be reading the book the week that sign-ups happened and was seized by a desperate desire for more Erskine. And more Erskine is what I got - the story is an exploration of Erskine's changing attitudes towards Venturus from his birth to after the book. It's a spot on character piece and well worth a look :) Thank you, anonymous writer ^_^

I wrote five full-length stories and five stocking stuffers (and, yes, I did hide away with a sleep-deprived headache and sleep my way through part of Christmas afternoon). For the fun of it, I'm offering prizes to anyone who guesses any of them. Get one right and I'll write you a snippet for any fandom with any pairing (as long as I've actually read or seen it). Not restricted to Yuletide fandoms - I'll write Remus/Sirius if that's what the winner wants.

Clues )
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*blows cobwebs off journals* Wow, it's been a while. Anyhow...

Dear Yuletide Writer... )

Eeee! My assignment arrived! *goes to look*
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I've dipped into the Yuletide archive a bit today and will be tackling it more systematically tomorrow. What I've seen so far has been excellent.

In the meantime, I've seen a few people do this, so I thought it might be fun. I wrote six stories for Yuletide this year. If you can guess any of them, I'll write you a snippet or drabble in a fandom of your choice (providing it's something I'm vaguely familiar with, of course). Commments are screened.

A few hints:
Four of my stories were for books by the same author.
One was in a fandom I've written in before.
None were in the fandoms I wrote for last year's Yuletide.
Two of them included the same characters.
Two of them were slash, two were focussed on a particular character, and two were ensemble pieces.
The lowest rating of any was a G and the highest an R.
Four were set in worlds other than our own and one was set in the past.


Dec. 25th, 2007 09:30 am
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I have a story!!

I wasn't sure if I would get anything, because pinch-hitters requests only went up yesterday, but I've got a small and perfect little piece of Georgette Heyer fic. The character voices are spot on, and it's just the right degree of naughty for the two involved.

Practical Considerations (Venetia/Damerel, PG-13).

Thank you, mystery author!



Dec. 24th, 2007 06:44 pm
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I think I may be all yuletided out. I've done five (four of which were in, um, related fandoms). Considering that I missed the original sign-ups, that's not a bad show ^_^

The amazing [ profile] yuletide mods have offered us pinch hitters the chance to put in last minute requests, which was quite unexpected. If you've snaffled mine, well, follow your muse and play to your strengths :) I tried to make my requests as pinch hit friendly as possible, and I wasn't expecting anything, so will be thrilled with whatever you write.

My brother's staying with me tonight, and he's just texted to say he's finished work, so I think I'll just tidy up a few other loose ends and then - well, let Christmas begin.

Happy Christmas, all :)
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Note to self: When one only has two days to write a pinch hit and one's muse is demanding a plotty ensemble piece, resist! Resist!

My mum's going to kill me if I'm late for dinner, which means I have twenty minutes-ish to proofread, rewrite and upload before I really do have to run for the bus.

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The Yuletide authors have been revealed!

Thank you, [ profile] vassilissa for my lovely story - With Room To Grow In - Noel Streatfeild, Harriet/Lalla. Thank you so much. :)

I can also reveal my own contributions:

Feeling Blue for Raya. Hilary McKay's Casson Family series. If you haven't read this series, I recommend them. The Cassons are a wildly eccentric and artistic family, growing up in a small English town. The books are hilarious and touching in equal measure. I adore them and writing this was great fun. I found myself trying to pick up the style of the original, which was interesting and challenging. McKay is a very low key, restrained writer, and that's a tough thing to carry off and still be funny.

Eirias for Maud. Susan Cooper, The Dark is Rising Series. Set in Oxford, one foggy midwinter, as Bran's memories begin to return. I don't have enough words to express how much I loved writing this. I realised as I wrote just how much Cooper's writing has influenced my own style - I read them so much as a child that they've sunk into my bones. Jane/Bran, Will.

I'd also recommend reading Memories of Things You've Never Known by [ profile] kyuuketsukirui. This was written for the same prompt as my piece, but took it in a different direction. I found it fascinating to compare the narrative choices we both made, especially as some of the things that remained the same weren't obvious - for instance, the prompt did not specify that Jane should be pregnant, but we both wrote it that way. Fun.

Finally, I have now added author names to all my earlier recs


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