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I was busy procrastinating over my dissertation proposal when I spotted that two of my favourite fandom people are celebrating their birthdays today. Happy birthday to both of you lovely folks - I hope you've both had wonderful days.

And, here, to mark the day is a little snippet. My fanfic muscles are a little rusty, so I hope you'll forgive any infelicities of style. Remus-gen, although the R/S is, of course, implied ~_^

Title: Journeys
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not rich, not Scottish, don't know what's going to happen in the last book - guess they're not really mine then.
Summary: 1993. Remus dreams of other train journeys.

Seven times before he had made this journey, at the dying of the year, in the company of those dearer than brothers. )
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Title: Ordinary Lives (snippet 2)
Words: 1436
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The characters and settings herein do not belong to me. I'm just messing about for fun.
Summary: Harry overhears a conversation. Another dip into the AU in which Peter Pettigrew was brave.

The sky was dark tonight, only clouds, and the orange reflections of the streetlights. Nothing green. )
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The life-eating angsty fic of doom is currently standing at 5000 words / a third done, so I thought I'd have a break and write something a little more light-hearted. This comes purely from my reaction to the odd comments about an AU where Lily and James are alive. My reaction is usally to flail, and stammer, yeah, but, yeah, but, Voldemort! So, here be AU. I'm having fun playing with this, so ask if you want more. :)

Title: Ordinary Lives
Words: 705
Rating: G
Summary: Harry's got a letter...
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, and the rough shape of the plot is probably recognisable. I'm just playing.

Harry, staring at his father, for a moment thought he might be someone else, someone far less scatter-brained and easygoing. )
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Title: Aprils Yet to Come
Words: 1844
Rating: PG
Prompt: Puddle jumpers
Author's notes: April 1981. Sirius, Harry and a dirty nappy. Angsty :(

Next April, my ponging Prongling, I will teach you how to jump in puddles )
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Title: Hung With Bloom Along the Bough
Words: 1616
Rating: PG for a foul-mouthed statue.
Prompt: Picture prompt of blossom. It made me think of Housman's poem, which made me think of this.
Author's notes: The poem quoted is A E Housman's 'Loveliest of Trees.' After the war, Remus Lupin lives in a house surrounded by cherry trees and waits to fade away. I like this one - it's more wistful than most of mine.

He understood the wanderlust that came with the empty aftermath of war )
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First off, I'm so sorry about the lack of progress on [ profile] blanketforts. Real life has been both busy and a bit shite, and my HP muse has curled up in a corner and refused to play. I'm trying to get into the right frame of mind so I can get it finished.

This has produced the little fic below (my first Bring Back Black ^_^), which is a snippet of crack!fic which has been sitting in my mind for ages.

Can anyone rec me some good R/S fic with a happy ending? The more the merrier - I'm trying to tempt my muse back into wakefulness. Thanks.

Remus looked oddly sheepish for a man whose oldest friend had just come back from the dead )


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