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Title: A Twilight Wooing
Rating: PG
Words: 1111
Prompt: Here we lived and fed . . . not minding the little space, trod on each other like birds in a hole, elbowed our ways without spite, all talking at once or silent at once . . . but never I think feeling overcrowded, being as separate as notes in a scale.
~ Laurie Lee, Cider with Rosie

Disclaimer: They belong to JKR. I’m just borrowing them.

In Which Fleur Delacour Takes Charge… )
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Title: A Twilight Wooing
Rating: PG
Words: 1179
Prompt: don’t forget I love you
Disclaimer: They belong to JKR. I’m just borrowing them.
Notes: Better late than never, right? Ahem.

In Which Nymphadora Tonks Has A Difficult Evening )
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Title: There Was A Young Auror From Essex
Words: 1775
Rating: high PG
Prompt: It was a still, warm day in early July. As one looked out over the flat Essex country, lying so green and peaceful under the afternoon sun, it seemed almost impossible to believe that, not so very far away, a great war was running its appointed course.

--Agatha Christie, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. 1924.

Summary: Recruiting for the Order, July 1995

Remus had never been able to work out how Sirius could get such a human smirk on a canine face. )
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And the AU keeps a-growing...

This one is for everyone on my flist who's having a bad week. *hugs* I wrote it to cheer myself up, and I hope it's a nice bit of escapism for you too. You are wonderful.

Title: Rendezvous in Waterloo
Rating: PG
Words: 1645
Summary: It's 1991, and Voldemort is going from strength to strength. Whilst a young boy called Harry Potter has just discovered he's a wizard, the Order of the Phoenix are hard at work...
Disclaimer: Not mine, oh, so not mine. It all belongs to JKR.

Less than two weeks since she left school, and she doubted any of her classmates would recognise her. )


Apr. 24th, 2006 12:00 am
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I finished my responses to the drabble meme. Thanks for the prompts. Most of these are precisely 100 words, but three slipped up to 150. I'm a born waffler ^_^ These were immensely fun.

All G, except no. 6 which is PG/PG-13.

Sirus/Remus, ducks )

Crowley/Aziraphale )

Regulus, Andromeda, fratricide )

Sirius/Remus, Remus seeing Sirius after he had run away )

Regulus, Nymphadora, redemption )

Sirius (not in animagus form) and Moony )

Ted/Andromeda, invisibility cloak )

Remus/Sirius, yellow laminate )

Lily/James )

Mordred, Galahad, a gyrfalcon )
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First off, I'm so sorry about the lack of progress on [ profile] blanketforts. Real life has been both busy and a bit shite, and my HP muse has curled up in a corner and refused to play. I'm trying to get into the right frame of mind so I can get it finished.

This has produced the little fic below (my first Bring Back Black ^_^), which is a snippet of crack!fic which has been sitting in my mind for ages.

Can anyone rec me some good R/S fic with a happy ending? The more the merrier - I'm trying to tempt my muse back into wakefulness. Thanks.

Remus looked oddly sheepish for a man whose oldest friend had just come back from the dead )
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Title: He Capers Nimbly In A Lady's Chamber
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I'm just borrowing them because I like them.
Wordcount: 2828
Prompt: Frost on windowpanes
Notes: Apologies for the delay - a combination of RL nasties, original fic demanding my attention and this one growing insanely. I wasn't going to cut it here but decided to for the sake of space. Tomorrow's will continue straight from here. Andromeda Tonks throws a dinner party. This one is for everyone who asked if Nymphadora was going to appear in this series. Title from Richard III

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In Which Nymphadora Tonks Stays Up Past Her Bedtime... )
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Title: A Time to Talk
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I'm just borrowing them because I like them.
Wordcount: 3645
Prompt: Swings
Notes: Sixth year. Sirius and Remus babysit, explore London and finally have a chance to talk. Oh, and Remus finds out about Sirius' favourite hobby. I like this one. ^_^ EDIT: Because I forgot to leave this note earlier - Thavie's Inn, where Andromeda works, is one of the old Inns of Chancery which ceased to exist in the 19th century. I took the liberty of upgrading it to a full Inn of Court, albeit a wizarding one. Anyone who's spent any time in the Inns will understand why I felt I could incorporate them into the HP-universe.

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In Which Nymphadora Tonks Waves at Trains... )
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Title: A Paucity of Parental Authority
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I'm just borrowing them.
Wordcount: 2535
Prompt: Borrowed jumpers.

Notes: Sixth year. Sirius babysits. Apologies to anyone who dislikes shortened names. I refuse to call a three-year-old either Tonks or Nymphadora. She's Nym.

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In Which Nymphadora Tonks Makes a New Friend... )


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