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A little interlude from the Ted/Andromeda, I'm afraid. I spent part of my afternoon today just standing in the street and staring at a certain headline. In the end, the easiest way to process it was to wonder how the equivalent news would hit Remus.
I'm trying to con myself that this is a standalone fic, rather than the first scene of something longer. I don't have enough time to write something longer *buries head in sand*

Title: There's No Sense in Miracles
Words: 1354
Rating: G (if I did write a sequel it would be Remus/Severus)
Disclaimer: If you recognise it from the books, I don't own it.
Notes: Postwar

The headline felt like a punch in the gut. )
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Title: Un-dressed
Author: [ profile] rosemaryandrue
'Summery' or 'summeries' it's based on: 183 - ยท My (and a friend's) take on frizzy's Veela!DracoMate!Harry concept. Only with Snape in a blue dress with pale lace due to his rather eccentric Aunt Sylvia. Gives the story a whole new flavor, I think. For the [ profile] perposterice fest.
Pairings: SS/RL
Rating: PG-13
Word-count: 4291

Why was he feeling outmanoeuvred by a man with yellow rosebuds in his hair? )
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Title: A Simple Sneeze
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: Not mine
Wordcount: 860
Prompt: sick
Notes: Sixth-year. Pre-Slash. The first half - the second half will answer today's prompt. There were days when Remus really wished he had stayed in bed.

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In Which Peter Pettigrew Fails to Eat His Breakfast Fast Enough... )


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