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Can any of you who are students at British universities help me out? I'm working on a Gwen/Morgana modern!au where Gwen is a university nurse (by which I mean I've written three sentences). From my own uni days I remember that there were always loads of posters on the walls, mostly concerned with STDs, the evils of smoking and alcohol, meningitis and various other studenty health issues.

I've clear memories of several of the ones that were around then, but I'm guessing there are new ones. Could anyone describe the designs of a couple of current ones. If they're ones that might particularly catch Morgana's eye, even better.

Thank you :)
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Um, anyone awake out there and have the books to hand? I'm at work and trying to work out some bits and pieces so I can start the next chapter of Summer of the Dragon at lunchtime, and I've run into details the lexicon doesn't cover.

So, talking mirrors. There's mention of them in CS (the Weasleys have one) and PoA (in Harry's room in the Leaky Cauldron). How do they talk? Is there any mention of them having mouths or do the voices just come out of the glass? Do they have faces?

That's all I'm trying to work out for this chapter, but I've started wondering about them now. Where are their brains? Do they eventually shed their gilt frames and turn into house elves? Who makes them? Can they communicate with other mirrors? Could one act as a spy? Anyone got any thoughts?

As an unrelated query, what happens to a house elf whose family dies without an heir? Do they suicide, revert to the wild or adopt a new family?
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I've been reading up on the summer of 1976, and found this link, which might be of use to MWPP-era writers.

From the Swindon Advertiser

Conditions were similar across England (don't know about Scotland, sorry, but I assume it was similar). Looking at it, I don't know if it would seem like such a hot summer to someone from a fiercer climate, but it was a real shock here. We've had summers which are almost as hot since, but we still find them exceptional. Summers are supposed to be grey and wet. 1976 is more than just a hot summer in the British imagination. Everyone has a story about what happened in their own part of the country - heathland that burnt for days, plagues of insects, rivers that vanished, tarmac melting on the motorways. I wasn't born, and I still instantly associate 1976 with the heat.

This one has more statistics but less about the effect of the heat.

Also, the ever-trusty BBC.

Hope they're of use to someone :)


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