Dec. 29th, 2006 10:37 am
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So, given Dumbledore's Lord Voldemort, This Is Your Life act in book six, plus the presence of ghost!Tom in The Chamber of Secrets, plus my assumption that hallow just means ghost...

...is there a ghost!Tom attached to every horcrux? Are we going to see Harry take on the Seven Ages of Lord Voldemort? It seems feasible that the soul fragment in each one should retain a certain amount of personality.

Alternatively, the hallows could be the people Voldy killed to make the things, but I think I prefer the first theory.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, where do portraits keep their brains?
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I've been doing a lot of preliminary work for a fic set late 1981/early 1982, and an odd thought occurred to me.

Why did the Lestranges go after the Longbottoms when they did? Why then? Why Frank and Alice?

I found myself wondering if it had anything to do with Sirius' apparent return to the fold. I have no doubt that Bellatrix and Sirius, both being wild, were close as children, a closeness which would have easily become hatred as Sirius turned away from the family. So, we come to late 1981. The Dark Lord is dead, and so are many of the Order, Bellatrix's immediate counterparts. Sirius is once again her favourite cousin, but he's already in Azkaban, brought down at what Bellatrix might consider his moment of glory.

It's easy to see why Bellatrix might want revenge, not just for Voldemort, but for Sirius. But why the Longbottoms?

We know Frank and Alice were highly respected aurors. We also know that Sirius was taken from the scene by Magical Law Enforcement (which seems to be mostly aurors - it isn't clear from book to book). As non-suspect members of the Order, they would probably have been on alert, especially once they ceased to be Voldemort's secondary target.

Did Frank and Alice arrest Sirius?


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