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I was busy procrastinating over my dissertation proposal when I spotted that two of my favourite fandom people are celebrating their birthdays today. Happy birthday to both of you lovely folks - I hope you've both had wonderful days.

And, here, to mark the day is a little snippet. My fanfic muscles are a little rusty, so I hope you'll forgive any infelicities of style. Remus-gen, although the R/S is, of course, implied ~_^

Title: Journeys
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not rich, not Scottish, don't know what's going to happen in the last book - guess they're not really mine then.
Summary: 1993. Remus dreams of other train journeys.

Seven times before he had made this journey, at the dying of the year, in the company of those dearer than brothers. )
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Title: Desserts
Rating: G
Disclaimer: None of them are mine
Words: 1373
Prompt: summer pudding
Summary: Weasleys. July, 1995
Edit: Let's just call the last part of this AU because I am thick and obviously haven't reread GoF for a while

Sirius paused on the threshold, watching her toss slippery slices into the pan, hands confident )

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First off, I'm so sorry about the lack of progress on [ profile] blanketforts. Real life has been both busy and a bit shite, and my HP muse has curled up in a corner and refused to play. I'm trying to get into the right frame of mind so I can get it finished.

This has produced the little fic below (my first Bring Back Black ^_^), which is a snippet of crack!fic which has been sitting in my mind for ages.

Can anyone rec me some good R/S fic with a happy ending? The more the merrier - I'm trying to tempt my muse back into wakefulness. Thanks.

Remus looked oddly sheepish for a man whose oldest friend had just come back from the dead )


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